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Trim & Moulding

At Grand Floors, we do something special that most stores do not. This specialty sets us apart from the competition. We know that the look of your house is important right down to the trim and transitions on the floor. We are proud to offer more than just the classic wood moulding styles. Our trim can accommodate all differences in height, length, and in any custom colour that you need to make your house look just right, down to even the smallest detail.

We are a unique retailer that offers custom made trim and moulding to suit your decor. We provide a large variety of different trims to accommodate hardwood, engineered, and laminate flooring. We know that attention to detail matters, and we won't let any detail go unnoticed.

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Common Questions

What is the difference between trim a moulding?

In general terms, these are finishing touches to the floor and walls. Trim is more often used in the carpentry trade, to reduce the level between the floors. Moulding is used for finishing the floors along the walls. Moulding is affixed to the perimeters of rooms to finish the floor to cover expansion and gaps.

Trim on the other hand, is used for the floor itself. This product is also referred to as transitions, as they help smoothly transition the height of one floor into the other.

Do I need to buy trim and moulding?

It is suggested to buy these finishings for your floors so that the gaps in the floor near the walls are hidden, and so that your rooms and floors can blend together. The transitions accommodate for the difference of heights in the flooring.

What transition will I need to join two different flooring levels together?

Grand Floors specializes in custom production of transitions, so this often a subjective answer. We carry over 40 different shapes which help clients to finish their flooring projects. They are designed to join many kinds of flooring together. Some examples include: stair nosings, transitions, reducers, t-moulds, end caps etc.

What mouldings do you recommend?

Grand Floors recommends finishing your flooring projects with the following mouldings: baseboards, door casings, quarter rounds, base shoe, and door stoppers.

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  • Custom Requests

    We will happily fill custom requests to ensure you get the floor or product you are after.

  • Two Year Service Warranty

    When our team installs your new floor, Grand Floors will offer a two year service warranty.

  • Take Home Samples

    Ask for a take home size sample, so you can compare colours in your own home.

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