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The Romance Behind Hardwood Flooring


Blog Posted: July 22, 2016

The Romance Behind Hardwood Flooring

Seven Things I Love About You: The Romance Behind Hardwood Flooring

Having a relationship is a natural part of the human condition. In fact, so natural, that we thought having a long lasting relationship with your hardwood floors is not just necessary, but inevitable.

We know starting a new relationship can be stressful, and even a bit scary—that's why we have come up with seven reasons you will definitely fall in love with your new hardwood floors. By the time you finish reading this post, you will know what it takes to truly understand your new floor!

1. Easy Maintenance: You will not have to waste time cleaning up a messy situation.

Relationships can be messy. So messy, that at the first sign of disorderly conduct, you might want to end it right there and then! Here in the flooring industry, we try and keep the relationships that we provide VERY easy to maintain. Learning how to clean hardwood floors is really simple. You will not have to go to couples therapy when you choose to make the perfect connection with hardwood floors. All your floor needs is a regular sweep and mop. Remember to keep the mop head damp and not dripping, and then you are good to go. Remove the dirt and grime from your floor on a regular schedule and your hardwood will stay just as it was on the day you first fell in love.

2. Great Style: Hundreds of colours and species to choose from

Have you ever been on a date with someone who cannot dress? So have we. Unfortunately, this is enough to have us running for the hills. It's the 21st century, and yes, STYLE DOES MATTER. Since we are very aware of the importance of style, we make sure that when it comes to hardwood floor installation that there are hundreds of styles available for your home. Keeping you stylish is one of the flooring world's top priorities.

3. For the love of dogs: Flooring great for pets

A make or break decision in many serious relationships is whether or not you should have a pet together. We are aware that choosing to have a pet is a big step, and it can cause a lot of heartache if your partner says "no". By choosing hardwood floors, you get the upper hand! Having a pet and having hardwood is a match made in heaven. With a hard surface and quick and easy clean-up, life's little accidents will not upset the floors integrity.

4. Money Matters: Hardwood floors add value

As much as you say that money doesn't matter, we know that deep down it is actually a priority. You would never intentionally be with someone who could not help you with the finances, so why would you choose a floor that in time will lose you money? It's a proven fact that by installing hardwood floors in your home, it immediately impacts the resell value of your property. If you want your floor to look great and to be an investment for your future, choosing hardwood floors is ALWAYS the right decision.

5. Refinish: Making old things new again

Having a long relationship means growing old, and growing old means aging. Like people, floors age over time. Also like people, it is not uncommon for an older looking floor to get a facelift. Luckily for the floor, this procedure does not cause potential complications. Choosing to refinish an older floor is a great way to bring a shine back to your hardwood. It may be a tricky situation if you tell your significant other to go get work done—but when suggesting to get work done on your floor, you will make your partner happy, and your floor will be rejuvenated and remain in the family for years to come!

6. Healthy for the environment: A greener choice for flooring

We know you care about the environment, which means you don't want to date someone who does not share your passion. As a hardwood-flooring provider, we share that passion for a green lifestyle. Installing hardwood floors is a great choice to protect our planet! Solid hardwood is extracted from trees, which are a renewable resource. Also, due to the fact that hardwood flooring can last for generations, this is a very sustainable flooring choice. There are even options to ensure the floor your choose has ‘low to no' VOC (volatile organic compounds), which is the best choice for your home as there are not organic chemicals within the wood. You can also choose flooring from a manufacturer that practices sustainable logging practices, which means they replant trees where they have extracted the wood. There are so many options when it comes to ensuring that your hardwood floors areas eco-friendly as can be!

7. Every floor is unique- The easiest reason to fall in love

Everyone is unique, and so is every hardwood floor. You want to be with someone who is different, not a cookie cutter run of the mill life partner. By choosing a hardwood floor covering, you are choosing to have a floor that is unlike anyone else's in the entire world. Hardwood floors will always have their own unique properties, indentations, and notches in the wood. You get to choose the colour and finish, but the grains and notches will be slightly different for everyone. We understand that being unique is amazing, and that is why choosing a hardwood floor is an amazing investment for your one of a kind home. If these seven qualities are not what you are looking for in your love life, at least you know a hardwood floor will always be there to support you, and to make your life just a little bit easier.

From all of us here at Grand Floors, thank you for reading! We truly hope you get to meet the floor of your dreams some day soon!

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