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Common Questions

Do I need new stairs or can I just get them refinished?

If your staircase is not causing damage to your home or the safety of your family it is perfectly acceptable to just give your stairs a facelift. We will not remove your staircase from your home. We will work on your existing stairs to achieve your desired look. If your existing wooden staircase is weathered or outdated in colour, Grand Floors can re-sand and refinish your stairs to the new look that you desire for your home.

Part of this process is also updating your old railing and treads; they can be refinished or changed to a modern style. If your existing staircase is covered with carpet we can upgrade your stairs to a wooden look. We will supply and install prefinished stair treads, and new railings to your custom style and colour.

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Are the stains and refinishing agents toxic?

Our team does NOT use any toxic or high VOC components. We use fast-dry oil modified stains from Bona(Sweden), and commercial water based finishes from Finitec Experts(Canada). These stains and finishes are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We will support every client with a technical data sheet, if requested. We offer a five-year guarantee on your refinished or new staircase if they are installed and refinished by our team.

Can you match my stairs to my existing floors and railings?

Yes, for your staircase project you can choose any species of lumber or colour to match your existing hardwood or your desired decor. No detail will be overlooked, and we will ensure that we precisely match the colour that you are looking for. We will also take the time to match your staircase to your existing floor, railings, and stair treads.

How long will installation take?

A staircase renovation is considered a big job; however, because we specialize in stair installation and refinishing and have over 25-years experience, our teams can do the job in a very timely manner. The average staircase project can take between 3-5 days.

How much will the stairs cost?

The cost of the staircase is a difficult question to answer. This is because every house needs different styles or sizes of stairs. Pricing depends on the spectrum of job as well as the species and products chosen. We invite you to call us for an onsite estimate to get an accurate quote.

Quality Work

At Grand Floors, we want your entire house to be magnificent. Sometimes this means updating that old staircase. We provide great quality wood stairs, at a fair price, and of course a unique design suited to your home and style. We understand that purchasing a whole new unfinished staircase can be a pricey endeavour. It involves permits, major renovations of drywall and painting.

This is why we offer our service of removing old carpet, applying new stair treads or re-sanding and refinishing your old staircase to avoid these extra fees and processes. In our shop, we also produce prefinished wood stair treads, railings, posts, as well as iron and wood balusters for fast makeovers. Our highly trained team of professionals are available to install these furnishings onto your existing staircase.

We are capable of producing and installing totally customizable staircases for your home. Anywhere from simple hardwood stairs or even a spiral staircase. We also offer the service of removing, refinishing, and reinstalling your old railings to match your new custom stairs. When you allow our professional team to install your new stairs, our service is guaranteed for up to five years after installation.

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