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Common Questions

What are stair treads?

A stair tread is a solid milled lumber that caps the existing structure of your staircase. As an example, if you remove your carpet, typically you will find a builder template which is part of the structure of your home. With proper preparation, you can install the treads on top of the structure.

How do I prepare the structure for installing the treads?

First determine if the staircase is structurally stable. Then, begin by removing the existing covering (examples: carpet, strip wood). Be sure to remove all staples or nails. Determine if the structure is flat, often times you may need to grind down high spots or fill the low spots.

How do I know the treads will fit my structure?

Our treads come over-sized to fit a standard staircase structure, then cut to custom fit.

What species do you offer?

We offer solid lumber in the following species: red oak and maple.


Left Side Open
Right Side Open

Left Side Open Winder box
Right Side Open Winder Box

Riser ½” x 7.5”

Common Questions

How do I know which side is open, left or right?

When you are standing at the bottom of your staircase before you take your first step up, the side that is open will be the side that you need to order.

What information do I need to provide when obtaining a quote?

To obtain a material quote for your staircase project, we will need to know how many units of each category in the above images you will require. Within each category we will also need to know the dimension you require. And lastly which species of lumber. An example is “11 units of Right Side Open 42” Oak Treads”



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