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Stair Finishing

Properly stained and finished hardwood stairs have an elegant look that can’t be replicated. However, staining and finishing hardwood stairs is extremely hard work, requiring many hours of careful sanding and application of stain and finish. One small misstep can result in the whole project needing to be redone. That is why homeowners, builders and contractors alike trust Grand Floors for sanding stairs, staining stairs and refinishing stairs. Whether you are building a new home, renovating your home, or just refinishing your stairs for a fresh new look, the experienced craftsmen at Grand Floors can help! Let us take the dreaded task of sanding, staining and finishing stairs off of your plate!

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New Construction

Whether you are in the home building business, or are building your very own dream home, the last thing many people think about is the stairs. However, the staircase tends to be the focal point of the main floor, and often, the heart of the home itself. New stairs can be fairly installed easily, however, sanding, finishing and staining stairs is a notoriously tedious process. Grand Floors has been assisting home builders in the Barrie area and beyond with sanding and finishing stairs for over 35 years. Our clients love that we use workers with many years of experience, and that we are able to take these arduous tasks off of their plate. Our team works seamlessly alongside other trades, to ensure that the quality of your wooden staircase exceeds your standards.

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Home Renovations

Many homeowners will want to update their stairs as part of a renovation. As sanding, finishing and staining stairs can be messy and dusty, a large renovation project can be a perfect opportunity to do so. Many general contractors are very capable of performing most parts of the home renovation process, but are not well-equipped to perform time-consuming specialized tasks like sanding stairs, staining stairs and refinishing stairs. Grand Floors has been assisting local homeowners and contractors with finishing stairs for over 35 years. We can even help match the colour and wood species of the stairs to the floors! Call us today for a free estimate on your next stair project!

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Refinishing Stairs

If you have wooden stairs that have seen better days, rather than replacing or rebuilding them, consider refinishing them. At Grand Floors, one of our specialties is sanding and refinishing stairs to make them look brand new. Scratches, gouges, nicks, stains and other imperfections can usually be completely removed by our thorough stair refinishing process. Giving your stairs a facelift may be all they need! If you wish, we can even stain the stairs and change the colour to something that suits your tastes better, or something that matches your floors better! Not sure if your stairs can be refinished? Grand Floors offers no obligation free estimates. Call us today for more information on refinishing your stairs.

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