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New Year, New Textured Floors


Blog Posted: January 23, 2017

Wire Brushed Flooring

New Year, New Textured Floors - Wire Brushed Flooring

Since shopping for a new floor is common practice during the winter months, a reasonable question may be "What is the Canadian Market looking for?" Canadian Market Trend research for new floor covering in Canadian households states that Wire Brushed and textured flooring was one of the top trends of the previous year!

Why Wire Brushed Flooring?

Wire brushed hardwood flooring gives a uniquely European and rustic look to the household! Since each wood plank is scraped differently, no two-floor planks will be identical, thus giving your home its very own look and style!

Wire Brushed Benefits

Apart from the style factor, what makes these unique floors so appealing? The answer to that is simple! The look of the brushed floor gives the floor a worn-in appeal, with different etches and scratches throughout each plank makes it virtually scratch resistant (or at least the damage goes unnoticed!).

Scratches from large pets and furniture will not wreck the hardwood, instead, it will just blend in with the rest of the floorboards!

What type of floors can be wire brushed?

You can purchase wire brushed floorboards in both solid hardwoods as well as engineered hardwood. You can also find laminate floors that have a synthetic wire brushed look that is called "registered and embossed".

Types of flooring species that can be brushed are: white oak, red oak, ash, birch and hickory. Essentially the soft grains in the woods are stripped, therefore leaving an exposed harder surface.

How do you care for these textured floors?

Having a textured floor can make maintenance a little bit more tricky. The best way to ensure the best-looking wire brushed floor is to clean the floor with professional grade floor cleaner on a weekly basis, this is to ensure that sticky residue and dirt does not get stuck in the textured surface.

Can you refinish a wire brushed floor?

Yes, you can refinish a wire brushed floor, but it is not recommended as a do-it-yourself job. If you choose to refinish this type of product in the far distant future, you won't have all the original hand scrapes and wire brushes left behind, because the sanding process will remove most of the top layer.

Wire Brushed floors may not be for everyone, but they allow the floor's finish to be long lasting and keep the look of surface imperfections at bay. Whether you are shopping for a new looking floor, or a rustic looking floor Grand Floors will have the flooring to best suit your home's decor.

Happy New Year, and may your future floor, last for many years.

From the Grand Floor's Family Thanks for Reading!

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