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How To Clean Hardwood Floors


Blog Posted: October 6, 2016

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Five Things You Must Avoid to Maintain a Beautiful Finish

#1 Beware of harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals should NEVER be used when cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring. Adding a chemical to the surface of your hardwood flooring will allow the wood's protective layer of varnish to be eaten away.

Not only will harsh chemicals leave behind a residue that disrupts your floors beauty, it makes the finish lose its luster. These chemicals found in cleaners are also unhealthy for your home and family.

At Grand Floors, we make sure that the floors we sell are VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Free, but if you choose to use harsh chemicals on your floor, that will no longer be the case. These chemicals contain High VOC ratings. Having too many VOCs in your home will decrease air quality inside your house.

When choosing the right cleaning product for your floor, choose an eco-friendly option. One of the professional brands that Grand Floors recommends is Finetec, which is available for purchase at the showroom. Finetec is an environmentally friendly product and their hardwood floor cleaner will help your hardwood and laminate floors stay beautiful for years to come!

#2 Water is the Enemy

Water is often the easy choice when you are thinking about cleaning something up. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case when we are referring to hardwood and laminate flooring.

When water does become necessary, make sure you only use a small amount. Always be sure to sufficiently wring out your mop head until it is nearly dry before you start cleaning your hardwood flooring with water.

#3 Say no to Vinegar

At Grand Floors we understand that many of you have grown up using vinegar as an all-purpose household cleaner, but when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, vinegar is not the correct solution. We recommend professional flooring products, specifically Finetec or Bona professional flooring solutions, are the best hardwood floor cleaners on the market.

Choosing to use a professional flooring cleaner will definitely allow your flooring to keep its original shine, and maintain its beautiful finish!

#4 Do not POUR, on your poor Hardwood Floor

We have mentioned a few liquid cleaning solutions for your floor. It may seem like an easy task to just pour these solutions directly on the floors surface, but this is the wrong course of action. When using a liquid cleaner on your floor use a bottle with a spray nozzle, as you clean. This will prevent puddles and in turn prevent the liquid being absorbed into the wood, which could cause swelling.

#5 Don't give your Floor a Beating

In our previous blog "Reducing Allergens in Your Home" we mentioned which vacuums are best for your floor. We can not stress how important it is to buy the proper vacuum. If the vacuum you choose has a beater bar feature, this product should never come in contact with your beautiful hardwood flooring.

Using a vacuum with a beater bar is a feature made to pick up dirt from carpet, but when it is used on delicate hardwood floors, the dirt can get caught in the vacuums bristles and cause serious harm and scratching on top of your floors finish.

We would also like to note that to avoid these unsightly scratches, it is also recommended to keep your pets nails trimmed short and to use felt pads on the underside of any furniture that sits directly on top of your hardwood.


In this blog, you have learned the best ways to clean your hardwood floors, and what not to do. So, the next time you go to clean your new floor make sure you avoid harsh chemicals, you wring out your mop, and that you stay away from vinegar! Always remember to use the "spray as you clean" method and by using the proper vacuum you will have a beautiful floor, that will continue to add value to you home.

From our family at Grand Floors Barrie, Thanks for reading!

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