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Installing Floors

At Grand Floors, we are a one-stop shop for your flooring renovation needs. That means we carry the highest quality products as well as have a staff of highly trained installation professionals. We know that your home is your pride and joy and that a lot of time and effort has been put into making your home exactly what you want it to be. We want you to love your home from top to bottom, and that means professionally installed floors is the way to go.

On the Internet, there are many DIY blogs teaching how to install hardwood flooring on your own, but this is a very risky endeavour, especially if you are new to the trade of floor installation. Our hardwood flooring installation teams have years of expertise in the trade, and they have been trained to treat each and every floor like a work of art. Our installers are experts in all types of flooring installations from nail down, or staple down methods for hardwood and engineered flooring, to glue down, and click floating floors. Whatever your installation needs, we are prepared to do the job right the first time.

The fact of the matter is you are paying good money to have top quality products, this means that if one step goes wrong with your DIY flooring installation, all of that money spent goes to waste and you are back at ground zero. Whether we are laying laminate flooring or installing any type of hardwood flooring, we will ensure that your will floor be installed professionally, according to the specifications of the product

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How To Install Hardwood

Ask us for professional advice, before you attempt to install that beautiful floor on your own.

Ask us for professional advice, before you attempt to install that beautiful floor on your own. Hiring a professional is efficient, and will save you a headache if something goes wrong. When you hire the Grand Floors installation team to lay your new floors you will be proud of the job well done, and the pristine installation. When Grand Floors installs your new floor you receive a 5-year service warranty just to ease any distress that may occur in the future.

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Common Questions

Can I install my floor myself?

Installing hardwood flooring by yourself is possible. When you install the floor you must follow the manufacturer's instructions, and Grand Floors' expert advice. Buying a luxurious floor that is installed in a haphazard fashion makes the flooring itself a waste. Choosing to have a professional install your floor is the easiest and most time efficient choice for your new hardwood or engineered hardwood floors.

There is a lot of prep work involved before you install any flooring. This includes carpet removal, subfloor preparation (re-screwing and grinding), and sometimes even leveling. Most of the DIY clients are not familiar with the procedure, so we strongly recommend calling Grand Floors for professional advice even if you are doing it yourself.

What preparations are required before installation?

It is important to move all of your furniture, accessories and decorations out of the room in which the floor is going to be installed. Ensure the room is completely empty so that the installation team can get to work as soon as they arrive on site. Our team will do the rest.

Should I leave the house during the installation?

You may leave the house while the installation is underway; however, it is a good idea to be nearby or a phone call away in case the installation team needs questions answered, or if any difficulties arise.

How long will the installation take?

The average installation job will take our team about two to three days (700-1000 square ft.), but this time is dependent on the work spectrum and the square footage of the room that is being updated. Calling and booking an appointment for an estimate will be your best bet in getting the most accurate timeframe for the length of your flooring job.

Methods of floor installation

There are many methods to install flooring. Installation is dependent on the type of product chosen for the flooring.

  • Hardwood (solid) has to be nailed or stapled down to the wooden subfloor, crossing joist with an underlay moisture barrier required.
  • Engineered hardwood can be nailed down (wooden subfloor), glued down (on wooden subfloor, or concrete), or floated on foam and any subfloor (click or glued T&G).
  • Laminates has to be clicked and floated on foam (on any subfloor).
  • Vinyl can be clicked or Looselay (new system just introduced).
  • Cork Flooring can be clicked, or glued down.

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    We are open 6 days a week! If our hours do not work with your schedule, you can book a private appointment. We will help you find a new floor on your time.

  • Professional Advice

    If you are having difficulties choosing which floor is right for you, our team is willing to give you all the advice you need to point you in the right direction.

  • Free Estimates

    Before getting your new floor installed, call to book a free in home estimate. We will educate you with all available options and you can choose the best fit.

  • Transport

    When you choose your floor we will be happy to deliver your products into the home.

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