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Cork Flooring

Feeling some green vibes, or just trying to save the world one floorboard at a time? This is a great choice and a greener alternative to traditional hardwood. Created using only tree bark, the extraction process leaves the trees you care about planted in the ground. Not only is it healthy for the environment, it is also great for your feet. The natural bounce back property provides a cushion effect when you walk on it.

The cork flooring provided at Grand Floors is reinforced using high-quality HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) unlike department store brands, which mostly use MDF(Medium-Density Fibreboard). The HDF reinforcement adds to the strength and durability of the floor. This core allows the product to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, and can withstand most moisture changes. Although this product can withstand moisture, it is still susceptible to damage with excessive water exposure due to leaks and appliance damage, much like any other wood product. Whether you choose cork flooring for its environmental benefits, or for the sake of the feet you walk on, you will not be disappointed.

Cork Flooring Barrie

Is this flooring durable?

Yes, it's a very durable flooring choice and popularly used in public buildings with a lot of foot traffic. The soft quality of the cork underfoot allows for very little erosion and grinding over time.

Will my pets ruin my cork floors? Although these floors do not absorb liquid directly, if repeat accidents occur on the floor, any liquid can start to penetrate the finish over a period of time. Cork floors are very durable, even more so than hardwood floors. If you have a large pet, its weight alone will not disrupt the cork, but its nails might. It is good practice to keep your pet’s nails trimmed short to avoid scratches from occurring on the floor.

Where can I install cork flooring in my home? The flooring can be installed in any room of the house, but it is generally recommended to avoid places with excessive moisture. These products can be installed on any type of smooth, and level subfloor in a dry area.

Cork Floor Kitchen

What are the benefits?

There are a number of great benefits when choosing this type of flooring - one of them is that this type of floor provides a lot of "give" and provides a comfortable walking surface, making it an optimal choice for play space and commercial properties.

Another benefit is that cork has an anti-mold property, this means that no matter how long you have your flooring, you will not have to be concerned about potential rotting. This type of floor is a highly recommended choice for basement flooring. These floors also provide natural insulation; this feature can help limit money spent on floor heating.

Can I install cork over radiant heat? It can be installed when using radiant heating. A humidifier is suggested because the floor can lose moisture, and we want to prevent this. The surface of the floor should never exceed +25 degrees Celsius because this would cause rapid drying and shrinkage.

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