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Tis The Season

Tis the Season - For Floor Expansion and Contraction

Whether you have vinyl, laminate, engineered or hardwood all floor coverings experience movement throughout the Canadian seasons. Why? Almost all building materials are made of earth natural elements; fibers, wood particles, stone etc... and these materials need to have a relative equilibrium throughout the year for optimal performance.

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Wire Brushed Flooring

New Year, New Textured Floor - Wire Brushed Flooring

Welcome to 2017! A New Year in many households means an upgrade in the home. One of the best times to do your floor searching and shopping is in the Winter, that way you are ready to get it installed when the weather gets warmer in the spring!

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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Five Things You Must Avoid to Maintain a Beautiful Finish

Not only will harsh chemicals leave behind a residue that disrupts your floors beauty, it makes the finish lose its luster. These chemicals found in cleaners are also unhealthy for your home and family.

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Best Vaccum for Hardwood Floors

How your flooring and vacuum choice is your secret weapon in the fight against allergies

Have you been experiencing sneezing, sniffles, red watery eyes, or a scratchy throat? So have more than 20% of Canadians who experience allergies in their very own home.

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The Romance Behind Hardwood Flooring

Seven Things I Love About You: The Romance Behind Hardwood Flooring

Having a relationship is a natural part of the human condition. In fact, so natural, that we thought having a long lasting relationship with your hardwood floors is not just necessary, but inevitable.

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