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Here at Grand Floors, not only are we a retailer, we are a family. Our whole story is based around our family, and now we want to help yours. The story begins nearly 37 years ago in 1979 in Europe. Born and raised in Poland, Gregory Olszewski, owner and craftsman, had his first opportunity in the industry when he was a young man looking for work.

Olszewski Family Grand Floors

Teresa, Gregory and Diana Olszewski

He followed the path of many before him and worked with countless trained and skilled craftsmen who taught him the ropes of what it takes to be a master in the art of hardwood.

Gregory learned innumerable skills that he brought with him to Canada. One skill was the artistry of herringbone parquet flooring. Although herringbone parquet has died with time; he still prides himself on his abilities and the experience that has led to the mastery of the trade. He is also capable of installing, re-sanding and re-finishing older floors. In 1987, the time had arrived to do bigger and better things. Greg packed up his life, and with his wife Teresa, family and only a few thousand dollars, they migrated to Canada. He found work in Toronto and learned that the flooring trade in Canada was different than in Europe.

After mastering simple plank floor installations, Gregory found himself wanting more. He put in his resignation after only five months and went off to start something of his own. For the next two years, he carried with him his impressive portfolio from Poland. He was landing jobs subcontracting for companies out of Toronto. These jobs allowed him to build a lucrative clientele of his own.

2017 Consumer Choice Award Barrie

Winner! 2017 Consumer Choice Awards
Barrie, Ontario

2023 Quality Business Awards

Winner! 2023 Quality Business Awards

In little time, Gregory built up his own installation team. In 1988, he registered his own company and called it "Grand Floors Ltd." By 1990, Grand Floors' first store opened in Barrie, Ontario. Grand Floors became what it is today because of the family values that the owners and operators brought with them.

Teresa and Greg were the sole proprietors and front line salespeople making the store the friendly and personal business that it is today. When the store first opened its doors in the early 90’s prefinished hardwood was not yet trending. The business was primarily based on installing and finishing. Although skills and products have expanded, our original services are still available and our skills continue to grow. We always take on new trends with open arms and by the mid 90’s the business started to offer prefinished hardwood and began specializing in custom mouldings, stairs, and trim.

By the early 2000's the latest movement in the industry was Engineered Hardwood and Laminate. These new options opened up a new price point to the client as well as more user-friendly options when it comes to DIY home renovations. In the early 2010's the business introduced high-quality vinyl, cork, and ceramic tiles to its offerings. The business continued to pursue its grand vision and was on its way to becoming a one-stop shop for all of your quality flooring needs. Today when you enter the showroom you will not be disappointed. You will be greeted with a smile and get the opportunity to meet and learn from the family.

The business has continued to be a family run and operated affair, with the next generation taking on the sales floor. Greg’s youngest daughter is the newest face at Grand Floors and she is just as passionate and knowledgeable about hardwood flooring as her parents before her. Greg and Theresa's oldest son is also providing the company with marketing and consulting advice to help with online strategy. When you are looking for friendly service, high-quality products, and a fair price, Grand Floors is the first choice to meet your flooring and home renovation needs.


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